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 Battle Dragons Dragon Realm  RFL  Garden Quest- Updated 06.03.16
We decided to go in an utterly  new direction and it turned out amazing!


The primary builders of the BattleBeast Breedables Celtic “Fire” Festival Garden (Battle, AineMari Flanagan and Louen Couer) and contributors are members of the medieval/fantasy RolePlay sims of Dragon Realm and Ynys Seamaide.  As a result we decided to celebrate the holidays and inform the public of the four goals of the battle against cancer (prevention, detection, treatment and quality of life) with a pagan theme. Therefore, we created a garden divided into five areas, four of which represents the seasonal Celtic “fire” festivals of Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain and Imbolc, the last representing the battle against cancer.  

Keeping with this year’s Second Life Relay for Life theme of “Once Upon a Cure” our garden is an interactive quest in which you write your own story.  As you travel through the four festival areas you will gather information about the Celtic Festivals and the goals of the battle against cancer, and items you need to complete your quest by touching objects. .  

Be sure to gather all the items for something dark dwells in the center of our garden and you will need them and the knowledge you have obtained to defeat it.

AUCTION: This garden will be auctioned off at the end of the 3rd Annual Relay for Life of Second Life Castle Home and Garden Contest to raise money in support of this cause.  It has just under a 1450 land impact and covers one quarter of a sim. It is Copy/ mod in a rezzbox that terraforms   Ainemari Flanagan of building daydreams and the rp sim Ynys Seamaide  will even come help you Terraform!

Please note: The winner of the auction will receive all items contained within this garden except the four dispensers for the shield, sword, helmet, and boots items.  These are a limited time gifts to those visiting our garden in thanks for their support of Second Life’s efforts to raise money for Relay for Life.

Battle Dragons Dragon Realm  RFL  Garden Quest
Rapunzel's Tower- Ongoing

There is just something relaxing about hand drawing flowers and plants today's project was Campanula rapunculus or rampion bellflower.This species was once widely grown in Europe for its leaves, which were used like spinach, and its parsnip-like root, which was used like a radish.The Brothers Grimm's tale Rapunzel took its name from this plant. "Why do you make this plant Aine?" you may ask? I am helping build a Relay for Life garden that will be used for a quest sponsored by Battle Dragons and Dragon Realms roleplay sim, my small piece of the build will be sponsored by Ynys Seamaide Roleplay sim and my new Shop- Building Day Dreams. keep and Eye out for this garden it's turning out to be an amazing themed area perfect for a homestead or private estate. Here's some photos pf the tower and gardens I made (Yes you can live in the tower too!) I have never felt more alive with new ideas and more creative than I have this past month. Stay tuned for more whimsical things coming your way at Sl's RFL Fantasy Fair.

*!*!Anisa's Amazing Krafties & Market Place!*!

Completed 03.29.16

ANIMAS MTNS (201, 63, 23) - Moderate, Second Life

My Newest Build Project : 
*!!Anisa's Amazing Krafties & Market Place!
Main Store get everything you need at very reasonable prices , no drama zone come craft or battle from the temples or just sit and chat with others and Shops to Rent !! .. any questions or need a certain chat or craft tag please ask Anisa Nadir
They also sell Breedables and rent stalls for 50LI $100 linden a week
Visit them HERE

This is my First completed Project under my New Name- Building DayDreams, and I am pleased to say it looks very much like a dream!
This 1/2 sim usually takes 24-48 hours but with me being sick it stretched in to almost two weeks, A big THANK you to Anisa Nadir, ღMιsтιღ (misti.paine) and Rex Drecco (drecco) for being so very patient. 

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